About Bedroom Bops!

Bedroom Bops EP

Cover Art: Essi Sings. Bedroom Bops. 12in x 12in. Carboard, clay, fabric, hot glue, jewelry, acrylic paint, cotton balls, wire, foil. 2022.

Simple songs, easy to bop around in your bedroom to! Bedroom Bops focuses on the honest and lighthearted perspective of a young adult facing a spectrum of new situations and sensations that make them uncomfortable (emotionally vulnerable). Themes of the EP surround soft texture because young adulthood comes with believing we have to leave our emotional needs behind to painfully start "adulting", becoming rigid. Ideas in the EP explore the idea that growing up doesn't mean softness is a thing of the past, it's all about how and who we share it with.

Music produced, written, and performed by Essi Sings.

Released May 30, 2022.