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A 3-song EP written over a time when Essi was 13-16 years old. About transitioning from childhood to adolescence. Acoustic songs, produced by ONECOOLMF (2020)

3-song Valentine's Day EP by produced by ONECOOLMF and written by both him and Essi. These songs are about love! (2021)

A single inspired by my mom loving pizza! (January 2020) Click to see the Music Video

Essi's single with Russian Jazz producer, Marik. About staying strong and positive when it's hard! (2020)

A 3 song EP written and produced in a day by Essi and ONECOOLMF. Texts sent at 1:11PM inspired this EP and it's function is to manifest what we need/want in our lives. (2020)

Essi's first song on streaming platforms. Created at Ramed Studios in Queens, NY with James Boxhead and Robby Revenue (2017)

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