Chavis Park Alive & In Action: African American Culture Festival Featuring Essi and Community Kids

Updated: Sep 7


A hot beautiful day in Chavis Park gave way to an amazing display of talent from the community youth! First, Southeast Raleigh high schoolers performed the history of John Chavis. Then, the younger actors from Pure Life Theater performed "He Lives In You" from the Lion King -- a show they had performed a month earlier at Pure Life.

BGirlz Marissa and Mia (left to right)
The Pure Life Youth Actors Singing "He Lives In You"

You know it's not a black summer event without Brewer's Italian Ice! Saving the day once again with their refreshing and colorful shaved ice, they were in the perfect spot for kids to get their frozen treat and hop on the Raleigh Historic Raleigh Trolley.

As we heard the beautiful music and stories from the stage, kids played in sprinklers and older folks settled in with their friends and family, toting umbrellas for shade. The community truly was present at this event!

Seeing black people doing karate is cool alone, but seeing black kids doing karate is a whole other level! Big kudos to this group!

Gifted Arts performed next and blew everyone away with their dance moves to popular artists Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, and Cardi B.

Essi performed her original songs after their set. She performed "Paces", "Pizza Gurl", and "Fancy Cars" while wearing her Vivid Emporium wrap skirt! She gave away two free handmade pizza pins to folks who got up and danced with her.

There was so much love and happiness in the air -- another beautiful event, African American Cultural Festival!

Big thank you to the African American Culture Festival Governing Board

Thank you to Kwamee Morris for videos of Essi

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