​Essi, ONECOOLMF, and More Local NC Artists Perform at Raleigh Housewarming

Updated: Sep 7


Essi and friends performed at a chill, intimate housewarming event! Essi took the stage first and sung her originals "House on de Hill", "In Abundance", and "Fancy Cars" from PRIMARY, then welcomed ONECOOLMF to the stage with their song "Just Like Honey" from their Valentine's Day project, 341Hrtz (Heart chakra).

Essi turned the stage over to COOL where he preformed his originals; "Full 10" and "As Long As You Stay", both from Fondu Au Noir, "Losing Focus" from his project, Five Rings, "G.D.S." and "Right on Time" from Exquisite, and "Stealth" from his new project Elements.

Essi and COOL had a blast entertaining pals old and new as they moved to the basement for the DEEP SOUNDS provided by DJ AKIRA, MCLC, SNARZ, and Zylem.

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