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Aug. 31, 2022

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Yet another month of unique and slept-on music from your North Carolina neighbors! Let's fill you in on what's new this August!

Passion Fruit - Sincerely Troy

Aug 12, 2021

Sincerely Troy is one of the amazing NC talents we need to be talking about! The quality of this neo-soul mix and master are 100% radio quality. The song opens up with a female voice, transfers to a heavier rapping voice, then to Troy who smoothly arises on the track. The drums and guitar seem to intertwine in a perfect way.

Check it out:

Need You Here! - Essi Sings

Aug 17, 2021

Virgo queen, Essi Sings, made sure to drop for her earth day month! This new upbeat, house song will surely get your feet moving. The lyrics invite you to come have fun and the drums mimic that playful theme. Produced, written, and performed by Essi Sings!

Hear it for yourself:

Eyes Over See - OnecoolMF

Aug 18, 2021

OnecoolMF continues to inspire with his latest project, "Eyes Over See". A variety of styles and flows will be found on this project. They all have to deal with themes such as loyalty, success, and social stigmas. No song is over three minutes long, so you really have no excuse not to listen! The majority of songs have hard-hitting drums, complimenting OnecoolMF's tenor voice. This project was produced, written, and performed by OnecoolMF.

Listen now:

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Wanna be featured? Email with the subject line "NC DROPS (enter month here)" with your new music!

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