NC DROPS: February 2022

Updated: Sep 7

Imagine - it's the middle of black history month and North Carolina artists will not stop dropping heat.. No imagination needed because it's real life and I'm going to show you who showed out this month in the RDU!


First of all... Tesh dropped a seven-song R&B project called Themotions produced by The Quale Call. All songs have a bouncy, bright vibe with mid-to-high pitch synths and deep 808s. "Set You Free" is the first song on the project and one of my favorites because it's a perfect smoke and chill song -- especially after a breakup or ghosting. My absolute favorite is "Don't Call Me" because it's so bouncy and fun to dance to! Tesh uses many different catchy cadences which makes getting creative when dancing to this song super easy.

Peep all the heat on Tesh's YouTube playlist:

Tesh - Themotions

Essi Sings dropped a long awaited music video for her indie song, "You're My Holiday", from her EP, PRIMARY.

Here's the video and the full article:

Essi Sings - You're My Holiday Music Video

Ne'er and Kameon Carter dropped "Been Thru" on Soundcloud this month -- a track that has R&B and deep house elements. The intro approaches with beautiful keys and vocal riffs. The verses are delivered straight, as if Ne'er is done having the same conversation about the situation over and over. This includes Kameon Carter's verse, the emotion and subject of the song really comes through both artists.

Nothing left to do but hit play and listen for yourself:

Ne'er - Been Thru

Tumbao has shown out once again, providing the much needed Latin music the Raleigh area lacks! The song is called "ACAB" or "All Cops Are Bastards". The only lyrics in this song are "fuck twelve", an obvious rejection of police. It starts as a whisper and ends in a chant by the end of the song, reminiscent of the police brutality protests in Downtown Raleigh, 2020. The beginning of the song is steadily paced but as the song continues it becomes more frantic. I believe this contrast reflects the animistic nature of the cops vs civilians dynamic and the highs and lows of these situations.

Listen & decide for yourself:

Tumbao - ACAB

New indie rock from Cloutchasers with the hilariously memorable name "72 Virgin Dolphins"! This song contains no lyrics but is as expressive as can be. It begins with a dizzy melody, playing around in minor chords, the drums syncopate in the background and then... A FURRY OF DRUMS!!..And then we are let softly back into the minor chord melody from the start.

I can't spoil the whole musical journey so go ahead a press play:

Cloutchasers - 72 Virgin Dolphins

Thanks for being here - Essi x

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