NC DROPS: March 2022

Updated: Sep 7

31 March 2022

North Carolina artists dropped a variety of elite vibrations this month! Here are the highlights:


Plugz Daughter - One Thing

Starting the month stepping on necks, are we? Plugz Daughter released this 808 heavy bop and the perfect music video to match. You can feel every bar she spits and she has energy for DAYS. Best believe you will not catch her slippin'!!

Peep this:


Jay Arre - Good Intentions Prod. by 12 Gage

Jay spits nothing but facts in this new song. He lyrically focuses on themes of knowing and investing in himself. The beat has a grounding, hard hitting kick that contrasts with the feather-like synths. This creates a nostalgic feeling of hard but, good times.

Learn something from Jay:


Land of Oohs and Oz Prod. by King Akira

King Akira finished the month out with lofi tunes. Most songs are between ~70-90 BPM and are 100% fitting for a freestyle chill sesh or lofi beats to study to! There are old-timey samples and familiar hip hop vocal hits that King Akira flips into smooth, jazzy nectar for you ears.

Vibe out:

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Plugz Daughter - @PlugzDaughter_

Jay Arre- @JayArre336

King Akira - King_Akira

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