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31 May 2022

Short and sweet -- spring is here and NC is still DROPPING THAT HEAT! Only thing is... you don't know about it yet! Here are some NC artists who dropped this month and need to be heard:

Kemp Dupri raps effortlessly over a mid-tempo, old school sample. Lyrics pertain to political and social constructs -- produced by Michael White mixed by Couch Guy. The music is grand and feels as if it is expanding, while maintaining its chill vibe.

See about it:

Kemp Dupri & Michael White - The Dragon Has Come

May 25

judah released a song with a music video this month, shot by @Juliovelascooo. From the emo/rock vocal quality to the vulnerable lyrics, this is a prime sadboi bop. Guitar maintains the emo/rock element as the 808s add a trap element. Together the mix is unique!

Check him out:

judah - collegeboy

May 27

Cassie dropped a 10-song album called The Heart Has Eyez. The album has early R&B 2000s elements and a light feeling. Some songs, like "85" sound like a mix of R&B and Deep House. Track #9, "Air", cleanly mixes jazz and RnB. It's so easy to get lost in Cassie's lyrics and harmonies because they fit so well with the music!

Vibe out:

Cassie - The Heart Has Eyez

May 29

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Who's dropping next month?

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