NC DROPS: September 2022

Updated: Oct 1

30 September 2022

It has been a wild month in North Carolina. We started with the largest African American Festival in North Carolina and ended with a Bluegrass Festival and... flash floods(?)! Through the weather, we are still finding that good, good music from North Carolina artists, YOU need to hear right now!

First up is Black Haus with their single, "9 to 5". This single is one of the band's first songs, finally released on all platforms! The vibe is fast-paced and summer-like with punk elements. This song can 100% give the same nostalgic feeling as watching MTV when it was still good. The intro guitar riff and rumbling drums are high energy and sets the whole song up for it's beachy, fun overtones. The lyrics are about growing up and the impending doom of a 9-5 life.

05 Sept 2022

Check it out:

Next is Onecoolmf with his new single, "Change of Heart". This self-produced song has drums that hit hard at an andante (walking) pace. The hi-hats seem to calmy walk the listener through Onecoolmf's world, showing his perspective. Lyrical content includes learning to get past ego and doing what is best for yourself no matter what.

09 Sept 2022

Hear it now:

Last on our list is LXNNY with his newest song produced by Joaquin, video directed by Benicio Baeza. This track has a gritty, jazz-hop vibe. The bass provides the funk and the hi-hats are consistent, and similar to the sound of metal rhythmically clanking on metal. Lyrically LXNNY speaks on mindset, success, and putting your money where your mouth is!

12 Sept. 2022


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