The BGirlz Record in Virginia Beach with Bo McKenzie, Sprague Doogie, and Essi

Updated: Sep 7

25 July 2021

(left to right) Bo McKenzie, Sprague Doogie, Essi

On Sunday the BGirlz recorded with multi-platinum producers, Bo McKenzie and Sprague Doogie. The girls were ecstatic to be, as they said themselves, "professionals"! Essi, professional singer and creative director of BGirlz World, helped the girls warm their vocals up. The session started with the "BGirlz T-Shirt" song, written by Essi. Mia, Ahmani, Marisa, and Essi recorded vocals for the commercial song.

"Kandi Money", written by BGirlz founder Candice Burton and Essi, was then recorded when BGirl Londyn arrived!

Marissa and London recording Kandi Money
Marissa (left) and Londyn (right)
(left to right) Bo McKenzie, Mia, Sprague Doogie, Ahmani

The song's verses are rapped by Ahmani and Mia while the chorus is sung by Essi. The background vocals include Londyn and Marissa.

(left to right) Bo McKenzie, Marissa, Sprague Doogie, Londyn

What an inspiring day for everyone involved! The BGirlz cannot wait to share new music with the world!

For now check out the BGirlz World music video, we know you'll love it as much as we do!

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Essi's Creative Director role at BGirlz World:

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