Year Anniversary of Essi's Pizza Gurl Music Video

Updated: Sep 7

17 August 2021

This time last year Essi released her first ever music video, filmed by and featuring Star Sunflower. As Essi edited she could not help smiling at all the fun clips of genuine friendship. It was 100 degrees but we were still running around and having fun -- just like the Pizza Gurl!

Thank you for over 200 views!

The Pizza Gurl is technically Essi's mom, Denise Johnson. They had a conversation where her mom said "you know we're from Brooklyn, I love pizza. I'm a pizza girl!". That's when the lightbulb went off and Essi made "Pizza Gurl" on the first of January 2020 with her longtime friend, Avinan Moreles (he did the drums!).

Still of Essi and Star in the Pizza Gurl Music Video

By the middle of the year Essi had mixed and mastered the song and thought up the music video. One hot day in July, Essi decided that her Canon Rebel T5i was good enough to make music videos so she invited Star over and this is what happened!

Watch the Pizza Gurl Music video here:

I will be performing Pizza Gurl at the African American Cultural Festival on Sunday, September 5th at 3-3:30PM and vending special Pizza Gurl merchandise!

Thank you for being here and I hope to see you at the festival, it's freeeee!

Thanks to Avinan Moreles for those juiced up drums!

Big thanks to Star for sticking it out with me and being a supportive friend.

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